My Friends Are Djs #26 - "Better with Time"

Well I wanted to introduce a "veteran" dj to the cast and so here he is....Meet Komodo, Sandstorm's older brother. Komodo was inspired by veteran djs Mauro Picotto and Tiesto. Like his younger brother, Komodo's is a former military Martian, whose shell shape is based off a highly stylized lizard in this case a Komodo Dragon alluding to Mauro Picotto's old track "Komodo" but unlike his brother....he is has a very solemn, sully but fatherly deposition. He is Bitz the Cat's mentor. In addition, I wanted to highlight just how long good djs play the music biz game after reading an article Signor Picotto posted about old veteran djs in the biz getting better with time. The one regret I have is...I couldn't think of anything esle to draw in that shows Komodo's age.

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