My Friends Are Djs #25 - Comebacks!

The main inspiration behind this panel was certain tracks but in particular ONE track from my early teens and dance days which has returned bigger then ever I might say....Darude's Sandstorm. I was very amused that it returned suddenly out of the blue after 16 years of first hearing when it first burst on to the dance airways. Man that track and Darude were very much on fire at the time and I still remember watching Darude perform on the old "Electric Circus" program. I also remember being poked fun by the "in-crowd" for my love of dance music...being seen as "uncool" with Sandstorm being used as an example. Now I giggle in amusement cause it seems the "in-crowd" finds tracks like Sandstorm are "cool".

I just handled this panel like a simple physical, gag comedy.....you make a hit....BOOM it comes back bigger then ever. Plus meet a new character...Sandstorm. He is named after the track "Sandstorm" obviously and a Martian in a robotic, military shell. His shell colours is meant to resemble a highly stylized desert reptile. He and and his older brother (soon to make a debut) are meant to represent veteran djs who have been around in the music scene for a very long time. Enjoy!

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