My Friends Are Djs #19 - Tomorrow

Hehe this panel's gag came about from I joke I made on the spot and tweeted to a few Dutch Djs, which made them laugh, when they played at Tomorrow....so you're playing tomorrow which is today or tomorrow tomorrow....kind of inspired by the old "whose on first" gag. Note one of the biggest music festival in the world is called Tomorrowland!

In addition we have a new character to the cast...Meet Telu-Rica, the reporter. If you didn't guess from her appearance, she's Ethereal's twin sister but completely opposite in personality. Telu (as she's known for short) is outgoing, "showy" and talkative but completely loyal to her sister and can "data-mine" her interviewees with a smile, and an ace reporter with her own modest sized, musical news outlet "Telu-Spot". She is also can knock out nearby communications systems temporary with her presence while keeping her "stuff" running via strange but fragile Neptunian biology and a master hacker. Behind closed doors, she's one of the top alien-black market data-brokers offering her services in exchange for "payment" or her sister forcing her to do a "favor". Her data "wealth" and skills makes her a force to be reckon with despite the fragile biology of Neptunians.

Design wise like her twin sister Ethereal...Telu-Rica is based off a sea angel, a type of sea slug which really does look like that minus the alien, green colour. The green colouration was chosen to create contrast with her sister along with actually having a visible mouth to speak with. Telu's name is a word pun-corruption of the term "Telluric Currents" which are electrical currents that travel underground through the earth or sea..fitting for a data broker who resembles a sea creature and to create further contrast from Ethereal's "Airy" name.

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