My Friends Are Djs #18 - Dreams and Nightmares

In this panel Ethereal is remembering a painful memory...we get to know a tiny bit of Ethereal's history which is the monster that caused the fall of her home world....meet Lucid the Hallucinatory Fiend (or the Downfaller of Neptune). It is the same species as Scourage (Click here for more info --> HERE ) except Lucid is lazy, and a sloth. Lucid emits a gas which cause very vivid hallucinations of intense, surreal dreams which over time becomes a real nightmare. Illusions get more vivid-wild as time passes on. Lucid will eventually make its full body debut. Design wise, Lucid is based off sea cucumber and sea slugs for that grotesques/monstrous yet wild feel.The concept inspiration for Lucid came in response and as warning against hallucinatory drugs and overt romanticism of "dreams"/fairy tales motifs/concepts within dance music culture....every dream has its nightmares along side.

PS I have never taken drugs...and I know and seen what they can do.

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