My Friends Are Djs #22 - Let It Boom

For this one and due to lack of time to due stuff non-comic related.....I just went right to the point and the artistic route. Whatever is your music....whether its the kind of music you make or the music you love....make it boom with joy and love.


My Friends Are Djs #21 - Feed Feuds

Even if you're a dj or not....don't make your feuds public for all to see whether its on social media or live action in public, its not pretty....you might not mean those words so better make them private if you feel the need to vent. Especially in this day and age of social media and digital tech....this kind of stuff seems to happen more in real time. This feed is not based on any real life dj-social media feuds in particular but rather a general-non fictional example of a "childish" feud made public, in respect to real djs. The Rocket Twins were chosen to show some inter brother dynamics between them.


My Friends Are Djs #20 - Sleepytime

This short is dedicated to all the djs that can literally sleep anyway and in any position possible. I also got the idea after hearing about how many lack of sleep stories with djs that I thought...hmmm sleep must be very precious to them. At first, it was just going to be Breezey and the Tv Heads in this shot...then I found out about Martin Garrix's special talent of "sleeping"...which is just about anywhere so I thought.."oh this is too tempting"...draws in Bitz in a weird sleeping pose then added the Rocket Twins to fill in space. Actually its kind of a cute shot....enjoy


My Friends Are Djs #19 - Tomorrow

Hehe this panel's gag came about from I joke I made on the spot and tweeted to a few Dutch Djs, which made them laugh, when they played at Tomorrow....so you're playing tomorrow which is today or tomorrow tomorrow....kind of inspired by the old "whose on first" gag. Note one of the biggest music festival in the world is called Tomorrowland!

In addition we have a new character to the cast...Meet Telu-Rica, the reporter. If you didn't guess from her appearance, she's Ethereal's twin sister but completely opposite in personality. Telu (as she's known for short) is outgoing, "showy" and talkative but completely loyal to her sister and can "data-mine" her interviewees with a smile, and an ace reporter with her own modest sized, musical news outlet "Telu-Spot". She is also can knock out nearby communications systems temporary with her presence while keeping her "stuff" running via strange but fragile Neptunian biology and a master hacker. Behind closed doors, she's one of the top alien-black market data-brokers offering her services in exchange for "payment" or her sister forcing her to do a "favor". Her data "wealth" and skills makes her a force to be reckon with despite the fragile biology of Neptunians.

Design wise like her twin sister Ethereal...Telu-Rica is based off a sea angel, a type of sea slug which really does look like that minus the alien, green colour. The green colouration was chosen to create contrast with her sister along with actually having a visible mouth to speak with. Telu's name is a word pun-corruption of the term "Telluric Currents" which are electrical currents that travel underground through the earth or sea..fitting for a data broker who resembles a sea creature and to create further contrast from Ethereal's "Airy" name.


My Friends Are Djs #18 - Dreams and Nightmares

In this panel Ethereal is remembering a painful memory...we get to know a tiny bit of Ethereal's history which is the monster that caused the fall of her home world....meet Lucid the Hallucinatory Fiend (or the Downfaller of Neptune). It is the same species as Scourage (Click here for more info --> HERE ) except Lucid is lazy, and a sloth. Lucid emits a gas which cause very vivid hallucinations of intense, surreal dreams which over time becomes a real nightmare. Illusions get more vivid-wild as time passes on. Lucid will eventually make its full body debut. Design wise, Lucid is based off sea cucumber and sea slugs for that grotesques/monstrous yet wild feel.The concept inspiration for Lucid came in response and as warning against hallucinatory drugs and overt romanticism of "dreams"/fairy tales motifs/concepts within dance music culture....every dream has its nightmares along side.

PS I have never taken drugs...and I know and seen what they can do.

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