SFU Summer Festival and Mini Comi 2015

Well what I can say about artist alley-centric anime festivals is they maybe be smaller then the big regular conventions but still fun and you can't beat the selection of fun and talent artist they show and set up shop for one day. I was in artist alley as an Artisan for the Summer and an attendee.

Actually I don't what happened at the SFU Summer Festival cause just about everyone was being boiled from the summer heat....it was one of the hottest summers in Vancouver...reminded me of a day inMalaysia, which is reeeally hot It was so hot...sales got "melted" for many, I had to stay underneth my parasol 24/7 to avoid being burnt (plus crazy prepared with food and several bottles of water), my kyogre bodypaint I think got "baked" on (it a few days for the presense to fully disappear) and some cosplayers had to change costumes during the day...then it gets fuzzy from there.

Anyway how the festival looked...
My Table in Artist Alley

The next was Mini Comi and I donned my boxheaded Djs from Mars Cosplay for the moment...amusing times but also fun times looking through all the artists and scouting out which stuff to get. I love the idea of the stamp cards...its a nice incentive for attendees. 

Hehe I decided to go for one of the mystery bags from the Anime Revolution booth. Wow fun stuff..labeled "weird creatures" I got a "One Piece" weird whale (I like whales) coin purse, a key chain and smarties! HEHE that was fun with the cheering hehe.

Anyway selection was top notch and fun....I love shopping these anime artist markets cause of the unique, diverse and fun designs you'll find for yourself...or someone's birthday presents. Anyway it was a fun time. ^_^

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