My Friends Are Djs #14 - Choose Your Style

For this panel, I went straight to the point and went for a more abstract art piece style. Partly inspired by high calibur djs loving different genres and styles of music plus the fact my own playlist of mp3s wildly varies in style from EDM, to New Age/Classical. What ever you style or tastes is...loud or soft...choose one that hums to your heart. This time we have a new dj added to the cast, the purple one.

Meet Ethereal the Stern Silence, hailing all the way from Neptune and the wife of Poco the Tv head. She is not based on any particular real life djs....rather she is meant to invoke and represent very trance-like, chill out, and strange styles of dance music meant to invoke weird-abstract feelings. Her tails are her dj's mixing equipment. She has a very stern and quiet demeanor hence the title "Stern Silence" but she is loving-loyal towards her love ones. Poco says the reason why she is so quiet and stern is....being one of the few survivors of Neptune's Fall....she has emotional baggage. Design wise, she is based a sea angel....a real life alien looking aquatic lifeform which really does resemble Ethereal minus the purple colour and twin tails.

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