Gamer's Review - A City Sleeps

Well included in this week's Humble Weekly Bundle...we have "A City Sleeps" from Harmonix (developer of Rock Band) and this is a very musical in nature and a bullet hell to play through. You play Poe, a dream hunter whose job is to hunt down the nightmares haunting the people of SanLo City.

For those new to what bullet hell means....basically gameplay is "For Heavens Sake AVOID the bullets and weave!" In addition you have to unleash your own wave of bullets against hordes of nightmares and utilizing "idols" to place your ghostly allies in to aid in your fight, for example placing a Mercy ghost in an idol will cause the idol to generate health benefits.

Music is a huge part of the experience. Everything from the enemies popping up, their bullets and Poe's bullets move-timed to the rhythm and beat of the soundtrack. The soundtrack in question is a fusion of heavy electronic influences fused with urban, hip-hop beats mostly, with some other genre touches depending on the level's style. Art Style is reflective of the music style too....its like a fusion of comic book arts mixed with surreal dream fantasies and the style and bright colours of urban electronic raves with touches of hip-hop culture.

Well so far so good....

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