My Friends Are Djs #17 - How to Mash

As an affectionate jab and joking around with my pals (big shout out to them) who are the masters of mash ups I made this and kept it straight to the point. In the music world a mash up is when two or more tracks are taken and mashed into one. For this piece I kind of went that route....really I just went crazy-random and ended up with some post modern-patch work...thing! Hehe this was a fun short to draw hehe.


Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions in Vancouver

Well....a night with the VSO and Pokemon was wow magical and amazing. This is my 3rd videog ame related concert at the Orpheum but my first all "one game" concert....Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions.

Wow where to start other then it was an amazing and once in a life time experience for any pokemon trainer to experience and a very unique symphonic concert experience in general, Pokemon trainers came and some were decked out in Poke-Cosplays including me decked out in my flaming red-white Talonflame clubbing cosplay and raggedy Kyogre plushie in hand. Pretty amazing cosplays that showed up including the subway masters of Unova, and plenty of cute Pokemon Gijinkas spanning different types. Hmm no merchandise booth hmm. I was lucky enough to get front row seats, and wow I get to see all the stage action (thats a really big bass cello in front of me) including the musicians warming and tuning their instruments.

As for the concert itself, wow first it started with rounds of "who's that pokemon?" as the audience took their seats. Then the conductor herself takes her place and you hear the familiar call of....PIKACHU!!!! The repertoire starts off at the begining at the little town called Pallet Town then roaming our way through time to end in Kalos. Wow I say it was awesome to hear the era "8-bit" sounds translated into symphonic sounds. My favorite segments were the opening numbers starting out in Pallet Town, Ecruteak Town (I have been to the real life Ecruteak Town, Kyoto so this brought back memories),
Kyogre's theme (yep my Kyogre plushie seemed happy at this part), and the heartstrings pulls of the trip through Kalos. The official finale had electronica sounds mixed in and my heart and the conductor went into overdrive with passion. I wish they included my favorite song in the Pokemon World...Lugia's Song aka "Legend Comes to Life". It would have sounded beautiful with a symphony. Of course you to have an encore...and what? A massive sing-a-long of the original Pokemon theme! Plus a tribute to the recently deceased Iwata-San.

It was beautiful to see in the opening number all the opening titles for all the games starting from RBY to XY flying in order on the big screen and plus the visuals included game segments from respective games playing along side the corresponding tunes. Visuals were just great. In addition to gameplay elements there were graphical visuals of scenary to represent each region in the Pokemon World. For example, since most of the Pokemon World is based off prefectures in Japan...some of the landscape shots vaguely looked like the Japanese countryside while the trip through Kalos looked like France...Kalos being based on France.

In the end....this long time Pokemon trainer had one very magical experience with alot of fewllow Pokmon Trainers in the audience. I saw Cheers!

For more info on Pokemon and joining the local Circuit.
Official Pokemon Website - www.pokemon.com
The Local Fan Site - www.pokemonbc.com
The Local VGC Fan Site - www.nuggetbridge.com


My Friends Are Djs #16 - Djs for how long?

The best djs and musicians in the world have been playing the music biz game for many years to get to where they were. I was a little surprised one day when I was chatting with my pals one day...I found out they have been playing the music biz game for 15 years or so. That's a long time to be in the biz, doing something you love and honing your skills not just musically. So abit of advice for aspiring musicians-djs out there....its a long climb, get ready for it, if you truely want the prize. In addition, we find out....Martian lifespans can range for hundreds of years in this comic universe.


My Friends Are Djs #15 - Time of the Year

Well its that time of the year in the EDM- Dj world...The Top 100 Djs voting period. It was just tooo tempting to make a comic panel near day 1....and this is just the warm up. I still feel I have more in me during this top 100 dj time.Now choosing which is toughly for many people (it was for me last year but knew who I was going to vote as soon as the polls were open)...enjoy.


SFU Summer Festival and Mini Comi 2015

Well what I can say about artist alley-centric anime festivals is they maybe be smaller then the big regular conventions but still fun and you can't beat the selection of fun and talent artist they show and set up shop for one day. I was in artist alley as an Artisan for the Summer and an attendee.

Actually I don't what happened at the SFU Summer Festival cause just about everyone was being boiled from the summer heat....it was one of the hottest summers in Vancouver...reminded me of a day inMalaysia, which is reeeally hot It was so hot...sales got "melted" for many, I had to stay underneth my parasol 24/7 to avoid being burnt (plus crazy prepared with food and several bottles of water), my kyogre bodypaint I think got "baked" on (it a few days for the presense to fully disappear) and some cosplayers had to change costumes during the day...then it gets fuzzy from there.

Anyway how the festival looked...
My Table in Artist Alley

The next was Mini Comi and I donned my boxheaded Djs from Mars Cosplay for the moment...amusing times but also fun times looking through all the artists and scouting out which stuff to get. I love the idea of the stamp cards...its a nice incentive for attendees. 

Hehe I decided to go for one of the mystery bags from the Anime Revolution booth. Wow fun stuff..labeled "weird creatures" I got a "One Piece" weird whale (I like whales) coin purse, a key chain and smarties! HEHE that was fun with the cheering hehe.

Anyway selection was top notch and fun....I love shopping these anime artist markets cause of the unique, diverse and fun designs you'll find for yourself...or someone's birthday presents. Anyway it was a fun time. ^_^


My Friends Are Djs #14 - Choose Your Style

For this panel, I went straight to the point and went for a more abstract art piece style. Partly inspired by high calibur djs loving different genres and styles of music plus the fact my own playlist of mp3s wildly varies in style from EDM, to New Age/Classical. What ever you style or tastes is...loud or soft...choose one that hums to your heart. This time we have a new dj added to the cast, the purple one.

Meet Ethereal the Stern Silence, hailing all the way from Neptune and the wife of Poco the Tv head. She is not based on any particular real life djs....rather she is meant to invoke and represent very trance-like, chill out, and strange styles of dance music meant to invoke weird-abstract feelings. Her tails are her dj's mixing equipment. She has a very stern and quiet demeanor hence the title "Stern Silence" but she is loving-loyal towards her love ones. Poco says the reason why she is so quiet and stern is....being one of the few survivors of Neptune's Fall....she has emotional baggage. Design wise, she is based a sea angel....a real life alien looking aquatic lifeform which really does resemble Ethereal minus the purple colour and twin tails.


Gamer's Review - A City Sleeps

Well included in this week's Humble Weekly Bundle...we have "A City Sleeps" from Harmonix (developer of Rock Band) and this is a very musical in nature and a bullet hell to play through. You play Poe, a dream hunter whose job is to hunt down the nightmares haunting the people of SanLo City.

For those new to what bullet hell means....basically gameplay is "For Heavens Sake AVOID the bullets and weave!" In addition you have to unleash your own wave of bullets against hordes of nightmares and utilizing "idols" to place your ghostly allies in to aid in your fight, for example placing a Mercy ghost in an idol will cause the idol to generate health benefits.

Music is a huge part of the experience. Everything from the enemies popping up, their bullets and Poe's bullets move-timed to the rhythm and beat of the soundtrack. The soundtrack in question is a fusion of heavy electronic influences fused with urban, hip-hop beats mostly, with some other genre touches depending on the level's style. Art Style is reflective of the music style too....its like a fusion of comic book arts mixed with surreal dream fantasies and the style and bright colours of urban electronic raves with touches of hip-hop culture.

Well so far so good....