My Friends Are Djs #13 - Fans and Support

Didn't have much time this week to come up with a new comic but still managed one....and made it to the point. After observing the fan bases of various different djs and such, I noticed something. They can either give you wings and fly or they can drag you down with their fanaticism. In addition, I wanted to give the fan butterflys, a positive side beyond being stand in for fanatic fans and cannon fodder....plus made a slight pun at a particular Martin Garrix song.


My Friends Are Djs #12 - Endorsements

Well djs can do unexpected promos at times and....I didn't expect Djs From Mars together with Dr. Lektroluv to do a shaving campaign mostly because they're both masked djs of the strange kind but at the same time not surprised because of the insane popularity of EDM style music nowadays. Either way it was just a little too tempting not to be inspired to create a comic on that notion and the sheer shock of AHH (my real djs friends will understand why AHH)...have a little fun with it hehehe. Hehe I don't know if to call it hilarious or epic...not a bad track hehehe.

This was the Commercial....

This is the WIP sketch...speech was slightly different

And this is the final comic....


My Friends Are Djs #11 - Shoe Box

Well this was based on tweet a pair of Dutch djs I'm on good relations and some what acquaintances with made to me.....and also could be a joke (highly) or not (just as highly) but according to them they do carry a luggage bag of shoes! So I made the Rocket Twins carry around a box of extra feet because they always burn their feet on tour during sets...also referencing the explosive nature of the real life dj inspiration's sets. To more happy panels in the future BLAST!!!!


My Friends are Djs #10 - Kitty Clock

Have you been ever waken up by your cat at 2am?! I have by my old cat, a grey, pure bred Persian kitty we adopted along with his brother. He was fuzzy, a total whiner with a match voice and had some issues....which was channeled into Breezey's pet kitten...Thiv! The fuzzy alarm clock who is not tune filled! Plus we get to see Breezey's bedroom. Yes she sleeps in an egg shaped bed-pod chair, hangs her "hair pin" wings when sleeping and has posters of her favorite djs posted up on her walls.