My Friends Are Djs #9 - 3..2..1..FIRE!

Really during any dj's set especially ones with pyrotechnics involved....STAY away from the stage area!!! Comic was partly inspired by real fans getting into mischief by sneaking on stage which includes almost getting torched by fireworks. It's nothing to be proud of and very dangerous!!!

We have a new cast member to the line up and next female after Breezey. Meet "Major Tom", a half-Martian/half-human alien abductee living on Mars and travels around in a robotic shell like all Martians. She is also the wife of Alto, and their official pyrotechnics expert for the dj TV box duo. She's an excitable, "controlled" pyromaniac and is very good at her job; inventing new gadgets and special effects for the TV Head's shows. Alto told me he married her for her energy and passion. She is named after the 80's song by Peter Schilling, "Major Tom".

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