My Friends Are Djs #6 - A La Carte

It's Djs can work up a BIG appetite on tour and the favorite food is not always fine dining cuisines....more like stuff "ordinary" people enjoy and love. We get to see the TV headed djs's real forms somewhat....they always hide their true forms from public eyes and what you see is only parts of it. Insects and sea creatures were chosen as the inspirations for the Martians because they're "creepy" traits, to pay tribute to the classical depictions of "bug-eyed" Martians, and one of the real life dj influences are big fans of insects (plus they REALLY love hamburgers). Poco (the short one) was inspired by sea slugs and centipedes, while Alto (the big one) used influences of sea dragons (type of sea horse) and Japanese beetles.

See what I come up with next week....PS Poco is eating Martian Nuri-Balls, while Alto is eating earthly Hamburgers stacked high!

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