Gamer's Review - OTTTD

Hot off the weekly humble bundle its OTTTD and who cares what the acronym means other then this is one hilarious and fun game! HAHAHHA I admit if it wasn't part of the humble bundle...I wouldn't have gotten it because of my reluctant with RTS and Tower Defense Games but hahaha this is one hilarious surprise.

The premise and the excuse to blow anything up is on behalf of a mercenary mega corp....you travel to alien planets to how should I put it...destroy them before they destroy us! What kind of alien menaces? Zombies, Rocket armed crabs.....nuclear powered dolphins (or is that a cod-porpoise???) armed to the teeth for battle...yep very whacky indeed. In addition the heroes are cliches of Hollywood action-sci-fi...the cliche quoting hero, Germanic strongmen, the Russian Sniper....Very tongue in cheek, over the top humor and satire with matching cartoony graphics and violence.

The gameplay mechanics falls in line with other tower defense games with a RPG elements tossed in when leveling up and upgrading the heroes with skills to match preferred play style. Flow of game felt like pick up and go....rush rush we're under attack by aliens while maintaining-upgrading the towers. Strategy is very much required when facing a giant alien monster....watch the turtle.

In conclusion....I wasn't expecting that much hilarious fun and probably one of the most insane games I ever play....nuclear powered dolphins????

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