Free Comic Book Day 2015

Its that time of the year in all things pop culture and geeky....Free Comic Book Day! Every year on the first Saturday of May...comics book stores across North America offer free comic books. Its samples (given out specifically for FCBD) to promote new comics coming out and to encourage business to comic book stores. Well I just had to go out and visit Golden Age Collectibles in the heart of downtown Vancouver for this event. Especially when one of the free comics available is Pokemon!

The "pick up" mission was impressive + fun....it was busy right at opening with a line up and lots of people. It was a pick 4 comics ONLY rule at this store, and it was a BIG selection to choose from. According to my fellow Cosplayer Gamer Girrl from Alberta said it was a pick 3 deal at her place (Wizards in Edmonton) BUT if you make a donation to cancer charity...you get to pick whatever you want.

Well this is what I picked...this is fun!
Rabbids (+ others), Steampunk Goldilocks, Gronk, and Pokemon

Check out whats Free Comic Day is all about here --> Free Comic Book Day

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