Webcomic Project - My Friends are Djs - #1 Djs Backstage

Decided to have some fun and enjoyment...started up a little webcomic series. "My Friends Are Djs"...what could happened with some insane aliens in the world of electronic music. Some influences were based on my experiences with Djs and their world. The TV headed djs are Martians named Poco (headphone on his right) and Alto (headphone on his left), and their design-personality cues draw inspiration from Djs From Mars, Daft Punk and Cazzette, in terms of technological headgear and the box shape. The little flying angel-fairy (named Breeze) is based on well....take a good guess.

A few glitches but feel good about this short project...
Here's panel #1 of My Friends Are Djs - Djs Backstage

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