My Friends are Djs #4 - Rabid Fans

Well you can guess what the inspiration behind the next panel is.....rabid fans. On occasion djs do reply to me on twitter and their fans Fav/RT that reply. Really quite happy-humble about it but one particular moment sticks out after a particular young, Dutch Dj tweeted me a reply....and I got semi-swarmed with notifications of Favs/RTs from his fans of THAT reply...still happening and fortunately rarely. I wasn't bothered just greatly amused and well....was a little O_O stunned. Another source of inspiration is I have to keep things low profile relatively when meeting my dj friends face to face at clubs to avoid unwanted attention from other club patrons. I honestly don't know how Breezey is able to pull out a flamethrower (+ matching outfit) out of thin air....plus its PURELY a comical metaphor

Well we got a character to the cast...Meet Bitz. A tiny "cute" dj meant to invoke the very young, handsome djs burning up the charts. Personality wise he's youthful in spirit, wise for his age, polite but panics-impulsive at times...also the antennae sticking out of his head suggests something....mysterious, unsettling. He is also so far the only dj character without a known twin. Was actually a little tricky to come up with a "cute" design that's distinct from the other dj characters...so just made it cat-like cause...cute factor and no other dj character has "Ears" yet.

Do how does it look?

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