My Friends are Djs #3 - Inspiration

Inspiration...it can come from anywhere and for high caliber djs.... ALL genres and forms. I found this out in a mini twitter chat with a pair of Dutch djs and that was the inspiration for the 3rd panel in "My Friends are Djs" The genres "boxes" were partly randomly picked and based on real multi-genre influences from my favorite tracks and we got some new characters added to the cast. Meet Klap (blue headphone) and Feest (orange headphone), the Rocket Twins....rocket shaped robot-aliens, excitable and explosive. You might want to run if they literally explode! Although Klap can be negotiated with. The twins are partly inspired by a pair of djs...cough umm I'll let you guess who...hint they're not from Italy.

For this panel, I also went for a "beauty" shot piece....experimenting with water colour paint techniques (I love to blend and wash colours together) and mix medium to achieve the surreal-colourful effects emphasizing the surreal nature of inspirations and feelings.

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