Movie Magic of Once Upon a Time

I admit, I'm not a fan of Once Upon a Time but when movie magic happens right at your front door....and your friend is a Once Upon a Time fan...you just have to bring your camera out and document the happenings soo..

The main reason why I know about the many film shoots is, my family runs a store in Steveston, the village that stands in for Storybook, Maine in Once Upon a Time. Seriously we store merchants only get the film notice with all the details at the last moment about like 1-2 weeks. Steveston like the rest of Vancouver is used as movie sets for several productions....Once Upon a Time being the big one and the others include the recent Godzilla movie, Bates Motel....so many productions to the point I actually get some of them mixed up.

The village gets the movie set dressing one day before the actual filming takes place and takes about 6 hours to put up. It's incredibly surreal to see familiar surroundings transformed like this.

Since its was filming a major scene for the season finale which involves wind machines, fake lightning and a film session lasting into the night...the fans really came out in droves to watch the filming. I'm surprised some even brought the cards out AND come from out of town and the country. I chatted with some nice people too as I was observing everything.

If you are any of these fans...feel free to SCREAM!

As for filming itself...something big and important is going on cause the big film equipment was being brought out and I saw actors and prop cars being moved into position. Plus a large section of Moncton Street was blocked for such aspects.

Wonder what all this filming is going to end up as hmmm....this should be interesting. Tuning out!

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