Gamer's Review - Transistor

Welcome to Cloudbank, a city in a constant state of flux and the setting this Sci-Fi beauty, Transistor. You play as Red, one of the hottest singers to grace the stage of Cloudbank is now the city's only heroine to stop a robotic army called The Process, hell bent on wrecking havoc in the city.

The premise is interesting....in Cloudbank public opinion is taken for all decisions from the weather to government decisions, ever in a state of constant flux according to the whims of the people which what motivates the antagonist shadow society to act according to what they believe is for the good of Cloudbank. In addition, the exact nature of the robots, the Process, is surrounded in enigma and mystery, not functioning like normal robots. Not much is known about these robots except they are connected to the upkeep of Cloudbank and hell bent on wrecking the city to pieces like the cold machines they are. Red, the heroine, is what you can say a bystander in all of these and just trying to survive the chaos, wielding the much sought sword the transistor. The sword speaks with the voice of someone very important to Red as hinted in her body language, when both of them work and travel together in Cloudbank.

Gameplay mechanics is very exotic in the form of the Turn() technique, you can stop time and queue up techniques to use then watch the plan unfold in quickly in real time as soon as you unfreeze time. I admit it took some getting used to and I kept dealing with enemies the old-fashion way of slicing in real-time (and kept dying as a result) but it was awesome and much effective to stop time and plan out my moves to win the battle.

The art style is what shines too and actually I was enthralled with it. Yes its a sci-fi setting but with heavy doses of art deco style features, a colour palette predominantly golds, greens, browns and reds, and design motifs of triangles and "eyes". All with a handpainted look and feel. The robots, the process stands in stark contrast to their surroundings, as far as design features go....very abstract-surreal forms, and colour palette of whites with unsettling, blood red coloured "eyes". Music is also a very important part of the game with Red being a singer and basically it helps paint the mood of Cloudbank as a city. One of the best soundtracks I ever heard for a video game. Its electronic sounds mixed with something enigmatic, surreal and morbid. "All Becomes One" would be a favorite track and never had such an interesting boss battle like some surrealist electronic sounds of the fight with Sybil.

In conclusion...Transistor was one very interesting ride and one the most beautiful ones I ever experienced.....tuning out...