Animation Exhibit at Science World

Wow for fans of animation and those who are curious to know what goes into making those beloved cartoons....this is a must see while its lasts. First of all you know sometime is going to be awesome when you're greeted by this.....What time is it?!?!!?

Animation is a beautiful medium enjoy all, young and old and alot of parts goes into making your favorite cartoons. Stepping into the exhibit feels like you're entering the heart of a toon world which in this case is the world of Cartoon Network and Hanna-Barbera which must seen to be believed. It was awesome to see life size mockups of Dexter's lab and co. Various stations scattered through out the exhibit explain in a hands on fashion the various processes of animation including trying out your hand at voicing a scene (do i really sound like that?!"), visual effects and animating frame by frame. This part I found to be very engaging. For animation history buffs there was a cartoon museum showcasing memorabilia and artifacts of mostly Hanna-Barbera cartoons like animation cels and production art of the Flintstones. Before you think animation is kid's stuff.....think about what goes into producing a cartoon, who makes those parts and those who adore it young and old!


Rainbow Honey Mystery Mini January 2015

Whoa really late on this but I'll blog about it now. Well Rainbow Honey never disappoints with their Mystery Bag subscriptions. We got a very but interesting selection here. Love their lip balmsand soaps...feels very nice for me.

The Polishes from Left to Right
Dirty Martini: a milky green with specks of black glitter alias mint ice cream
Lemon Sorbet: A scented, glittery white lemon top coat!
Rosey Bot: Another addition to the Robot Collection. A very Orange-Rosey Shade.