VGC Primer Challenge 2015

Other got a match penality for showing up late by accident and getting some foot exercise while getting lost (curse you map directions!) its fun to return to competitive pokemon battling circuit despite the fact I'm extremely laid back and fun loving about it.....who brings a polar bear into battle with her for years. Well the battle record was one actual with a few close calls....my team dynamics still needs some work. Having two pokemon of the same type on the field is not the best choice of strategy in the world.

Anyway had fun thats the important,...catched up with fellow trainers from the UVIC Pokemon Club (check them out here -->HERE). These are the guys that go......why do you bring a polar bear into battle!?!?!? Hahaha these are fun loving pro-trainers.....I'm the fun loving laid back one who plays dress up at conventions and tournaments. ^_^ I was thrilled to lost my last match and make the guy so happy! This time I was dressed up as Beartic. Anyway fun loving up high in this tournament as you can see here....haha even the plushies wanted to get in on the blogging action. If these are your plushies feel free to scream out loud!

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