1 Song, 3 Games = Lucky #13 by Blasterjaxx

Well its always happy times when djs give mp3 gifts to their fans. What better way to have fun with a gift then flying your spaceship in the music space and blasting enemy ships. Thank you Blasterjaxx. On the musical gaming challenge we have the new single from Dutch Dj duo Blasterjaxx, "Lucky #13". A bit of background info, Blasterjaxx is currently at #13 on Dj Mag's Top 100 Djs (gee I wonder why they named their song Lucky #13 ^_^) and these guys have the guts to remix/remake "Legend Comes to Life" aka Lugia's Song into one sweet, mystical sounding EDM track.

For those new to my "1 Song, 3 Games" segments....the games in question are Audiosurf, Beat Hazard Ultra, and Symphony. In Audiosurf and Symphony....hot colours = intense tempos and gameplay.

This is how the teaser sounds like on Blasterjaxx's Soundcloud --> Here My conclusion to this track when being play....Fever Pitches and Calm moments go hand in hand = BOOM

Audiosurf (On Mono Pro) - Wasn't that much of beast to travel through with the "slow" feeling nice and pretty to watch but careful when the countdown starts...then it gets intense.

Beat Hazard Ultra (On Normal Setting) - Ok it was a fireworks colour of a space battle but it had its rare moments of calm during the heat of the battle and moments I wish the tempo would pick up more when I'm being surrounded by ships that going to snipe me....then things got interesting when the fever pitches occur and I'm fighting to the end!

Symphony (On Mezzo Piano Difficulty) - For a track that was the "pleasant" blue denube most of the time....that was alot of ships blowing me up and beware the countdown and the ending. That when things get hot literally.

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