Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (First Impression and Midnight Release)

Well after saving up alot of funds from my artist alley stints I got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. This was my first time lining up for a midnight release for anything....so it's me dressed as Kyogre Girl (it's sort of a tradition for me to cosplay somewhat when picking up a new pokemon game on release day) . It was lining up with several other people in a "secret" area of the mall. Fans who are here not just for Pokemon but also for Smash Brothers on WiiU and the Amiibo figures. Man those Amiibos really got snatched up in batches...they're really going to have to restock. Since I Pre-Ordered I got the special poster...that is one epic shot of Primal Kyogre!

As for my first impressions so far....feels likes old poke-times in Hoenn. Like that it started alias the gameboy advanced ver. then poof switches to 3DS view as Professor Birch does his monologue and....is it just me or is our character moving house....WHILE traveling in the back of a moving van with a dodgey door on a bumpy road? I'm not going to ask. Graphics are very nice....its a change from the French inspired Kalos but Hoenn feels true to its Japanese inspired roots with the anime-Asian feel in environment and looks. Battle mechanics still stay the same and in 3-D. The updated Nav is taking some used to after being used to XY's bottom screen for so long but the PSS of XY returns and DexNav is nice improvement on a very large scale....you get to scan what pokemon are in the local area. Very good tool for Poke-Hunting. I find it interesting to find Poke-Centres and Poke-Marts are now separate alias the original Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald games plus berry planting makes a return.

Can't wait to see what other surprises await me in this return to Hoenn....


Gamer's Review - Type:Rider

Ever played a game about the history of typography and fonts? Well you get your chance with Type:Rider, a platforming game with an interesting premise and art game feel. You play as a colon (as in this colon-->: ) riding through the history of typography. Its basic platforming style of game play with the exception, the colon acts like a pair of wheels attached by invisible, magnetic force and you have to adaptable to new obstacles introduced within each level like water and gusts of air.

The interesting thing about each level is each is based on a "Font" style and in turn the art style centered around the history of that Font, ex. Bauhaus for "Futura" and manuscripts for "Gothic". In addition there is a shadow puppet feel to the visuals, the colon and the obstacles are mostly black like a shadow puppet theatre. Its simple in gameplay, but feel sweets plus you get to learn the history of all those fonts, writing techniques and typography you might have been taking for granted every day.


1 Song, 3 Games = Lucky #13 by Blasterjaxx

Well its always happy times when djs give mp3 gifts to their fans. What better way to have fun with a gift then flying your spaceship in the music space and blasting enemy ships. Thank you Blasterjaxx. On the musical gaming challenge we have the new single from Dutch Dj duo Blasterjaxx, "Lucky #13". A bit of background info, Blasterjaxx is currently at #13 on Dj Mag's Top 100 Djs (gee I wonder why they named their song Lucky #13 ^_^) and these guys have the guts to remix/remake "Legend Comes to Life" aka Lugia's Song into one sweet, mystical sounding EDM track.

For those new to my "1 Song, 3 Games" segments....the games in question are Audiosurf, Beat Hazard Ultra, and Symphony. In Audiosurf and Symphony....hot colours = intense tempos and gameplay.

This is how the teaser sounds like on Blasterjaxx's Soundcloud --> Here My conclusion to this track when being play....Fever Pitches and Calm moments go hand in hand = BOOM

Audiosurf (On Mono Pro) - Wasn't that much of beast to travel through with the "slow" feeling nice and pretty to watch but careful when the countdown starts...then it gets intense.

Beat Hazard Ultra (On Normal Setting) - Ok it was a fireworks colour of a space battle but it had its rare moments of calm during the heat of the battle and moments I wish the tempo would pick up more when I'm being surrounded by ships that going to snipe me....then things got interesting when the fever pitches occur and I'm fighting to the end!

Symphony (On Mezzo Piano Difficulty) - For a track that was the "pleasant" blue denube most of the time....that was alot of ships blowing me up and beware the countdown and the ending. That when things get hot literally.


Halloween at Exp Bar 2014

Well Halloween has come and gone. Where was I that night and what was i dressed up as? Well I was cosplaying as Dale (Kingdom Hearts ver.) as in Chip and Dale for Halloween (and Tsukino Con's Cosplay) at Exp Bar.

For the 2nd time in a row, I was dressed as a Disney Character this Halloween (and Tsukino Con in winter) but I just had to dress up as Dale. Chip and Dale are some of my favorite Disney Characters and they both hold a very special place in my heart because...I watched the original cartoons & Rescue Rangers when I was young. I'm also like goofy Dale and my sister was like the serious Chip. I found Dale's outfit in Kingdom Hearts soooo cute that I wanted to make it into a cute dress. Tried to get it as accurate as possible but completely made the dress from scratch. No pattern was used. It was actually very comfy to wear...loose and fun. The details were done with fabric paints and the embroidery "borders" was hand stitched after many hours. I eve accessorize with the Dale doll I got from Tokyo DisneySea Park. I was kind of surprised people didn't think I was Dale (I was mistaken for Animal Crossing) but I'll admit his Kingdom Hearts outfit is sort a stretch for people to remember, however once I said "As in Chip and Dale" then they understand. I wish I got someone to be Chip or carry a Chip Doll.

Halloween at Exp Bar was fun....unfortunately I didn't show up (or hasn't started yet) for the costume contest It was Borderlands Halloween theme night. I do love that game but never played it cause...FPS makes me dizzy and the whole blood phobia thing. I loved the shots I had.

They call it the "Portal Shots" alias Portal the Game and man it was a very yummy vodka fusion topped with cream. Orange was Ammaretto-Orange while Blue was I think Blue Berry fruit cocktail taste. I had this set before and the whipped cream topping was new and wondering was it for Halloween. The topping made sipping an interesting task...sooo thick and yummy.

Anyway that was my Cosplay Halloween....wonder whats next year's plans hmm.