Rainbow Honey October Mystery Mini 2014

Whoa totally late with this one but here it is the Rainbow Honey Mystery Mini for October. I say this one has a very candy scent-theme going....of course its October Halloween Candy season. This batch came with two polishes, base coat, lip balm soap and perfume. The Soap and Perfume smells very sweet-candy in notes....Sweet November they call it. Lip Balm is L'Orange Ganache, very orange-chocolate scent.

The polishes
Brown : Cafe Con Leche (A light Brown alias coffee with milk)
Purple: Zi (a sheer, shimmering purple)
 The thing I love about Rainbow shades is....the colour palette really appeals to the cosplayer side of me. Super fun shades. Here's "Cafe Con Leche" being used as part of my Dale (as in Chip and Dale) cosplay manicure.

Excited to see what esle Rainbow Honey comes up with.

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