Once Upon a Time in Steveston

Well even though I have no interest in "Once Upon a Time", there is something very magical when a film shoot happens right in your own backyard, your fellow cosplayer is a Once fan and I do love Frozen. That's right I work in the real village that stands in for Storybrooke in "Once Upon a Time", Steveston, BC in Canada. Steveston is an ols, heritage fishing village known for its fish market, interesting assortment of stores, food and people, and like the rest of Vancouver....has a habit of playing host to movie productions, like "Once Upon a Time" and the recent "Godzilla" movie.

During my work breaks, if there is a filming session going on, I like to see whats going on and maybe sneak in a few pics. Well this is almost all the pics I managed to snap up.

This bunch was taken with the 3DS's camera and it was around winter time last year.

Honestly we don't know when they'll film until like 1-2 weeks in advance. Most of the shops seen on screen are actual stores, so if you come and visit, you can vary much shop around the stores. The only fake store is the Storybrooke Pet Shelter, which is now Any Given Sundae....I suspect its the storage space for film props. The set dressings takes about one day to set up, then filming occurs next day.

 This next bunch was taken with a normal camera and warmer seasons. 

This "Building" is actually just vinyl sheets covering a wooden frame.
This is suppose to be the Sheriff's Office and eventually a wall with a "hole" was
added with a prop lamp post falling over with sparks.

On the last film session, I was very lucky enough snap up pics of the actors and actresses playing Anna, Elsa and Kristoff. I do love Frozen. The cast was very friendly and I was amazed at Elizabeth Lail's skill at playing Anna. She was complaining of sweating in her dress (just look at it!) but she stayed very upbeat and happy like Anna. That's staying in character.....or is it????

Queen Elsa (Georgina Haig) in the flesh.

Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster) and Anna (Elizabeth Lail)

Anna (Elizabeth Lail) upclose.
Look at the detail on her outfit!
Remember when you watch Once Upon a Time...remember you're seeing a real, working village and it's name is Steveston, BC in Canada.

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