1 Song, 3 Games - Welcome to the Darkside by Djs From Mars

It's been long over due since I posted anything after and please bear with me on the boxheaded related posts again after the anime fests. Anyway it's time to play 1 song through 3 different musical games. The song we have the chopping block is the new single from Djs From Mars (yes those Boxheads), "Welcome to the Darkside". If you didn't notice from my previous posts and my cosplay choice for this summer, Djs From Mars are my favorite djs (along with a bunch of others).

 I would love to thank the guys for giving me the mp3 as a gift and well it turned to be interesting play-through through 3 musical gamed universes. What can I say about the song other then you never expect epic opera vocals mixed with electro sounds in a EDM track. One awesome video too, the monochrome graphics and horror themes, greatly reminds me of the indie game Limbo (Click here for review of Limbo) .

The three musical games being used are Audiosurf, Beat Hazard Ultra, and Symphony. Generally it wasn't hell to playthrough with the exception of the fever pitches, but once the opera vocals come in everything calms down to somewhat serene grace. Playing through on Beat Hazard Ultra was literally a trip through hell in space since 3 bosses showed up....2 of them being the titanic sized snakes. Other then that great job guys and if you two are reading this....I challenge you to play through any of these games and have a high score shoot off!!!

Audiosurf (Mono Pro)- Hmmm it was quite melodic to play-through especially with the opera vocals taking over but wow those electro fever pitches.

Beat Hazard Ultra - (Standard Mode) - It traveling through space was hell this would be close to it, 3 bosses showed up and 2 of them were the giant snakes. A lot of fancy flying moves were needed alot.

Symphony - Actually forgot what happened here other my ship getting nipped and the opera arias sounded and felt nice with a calm blue stage.

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