SFU Summer Festival 2014

Well what can I say about the SFU Summer Festival last week other it was fun, lots of interesting outfits showed up, and I can't remember much due to hell heat. The venue was great and better artist alley condition and position. It also happens to be one of the hottest and most humid summers in Vancouver history, and sorry to anyone who had to put up with a heat annoyed me....I hate hell humidity and heat despite drinking lots of liquids. I did recall some awesome cosplays and I forgot to take pics of them to tending to my table and the heat. I am very thankful to all the staff that came around to make sure the artists were not boiled to death in the hell heat. The other artists looked great and I honestly wish I had time and budget to browse their wares.

Welcome to my table "Engel Bytes" where music, anime and games fuse together...
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Here's my table...lots of colour things here at Engel bytes including the fan.

Here's my view

Now, much to my surprise, my box-headed cosplay was attracting alot of attention, people thinking I looked awesome and/or cute. The surprising part for me was it was an obscure choice to make here but I wanted to do it anyway. I cosplayed as the Angry Box Head of the Italian Dj duo, Djs from Mars. The Djs from Mars are my favorite djs, one of the top djs in the world (masters of mash ups, EDM and remixes...genre busters) and my friends. In real life, Angry Box and me are almost the same height, so I thought it would be more convincing if I cosplayed as him. They are also famous for performing with cartoon boxes on their heads, never taking them off or revealing their real faces ever during, before and after shows. I wanted to pay tribute to my kind friends....plus I thought it would be so cool to box my head.

This is what Djs from Mars sound like....awesome choice for a cosplay isn't it?

...and this is me and the Real Angry Boxhead from their last gig here in Vancouver.
PS I was Club Cosplaying as Primal Kyogre.
Turns out that cosplay choice was a good call for other reasons too. My Box Head protected my real head from the sun, and dampened loud noises. It wasn't hot at all due to the box head having good ventilation especially if there is a breeze. The Box Face for me looks even more menacing then the original head. The Box Head was the only thing I made not counting the face paint pattern. I was able to find a black tie, black shorts and a white shirt from thrift stores, my own wardrobe and such. The face paint pattern was my own Martian design. I wanted combined both their idea of what Martians look like with my own idea of Martians. My Martians are shape-shifters, so face painted my self to look like a young Martian having trouble holding her human form together hence the Martian "Eye" mutations sprouting out. Anyway hope to see ya all at Mini Comi this weekend.

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