Rainbow Honey July Mystery Mini

Well Rainbow Honey never disappoints in the surprise and colour department and this month's mystery mini is awesome!

We got some nice colours. In the polish department we got L to R: Deep Heart Sea, Viridis, and Chemical Plant. "Deep Heart Sea" suspicious sounds and looks like a vocaloid inspiration and I like the "Miku", sea green teal colour and rainbow glitter in the bottle so far. "Virisdis" looks like a green glittery overlay delight and "Chemical Plant" looks like a very sheer pink-magenta colour. Can;t wait to test out these colours on my fingers. Might try "Chemical Plant" for the anime festival this weekend....I have this feeling it going to fit in with my Martian cosplay. The other stuff I got was perfume, cuticle balm and cooling gel named "Midori"...smells fruity like the alcohol "Midori". Cooling gel feels nice. Can't wait to see whats coming in their next release and Mystery Mini.

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