Rainbow Mystery Mini Bag - June

Other then a shade of pinks and purples plus the package smells like coconut and cookies, this month's Rainbow Honey Mystery Mini does look like an awesome mix and seems to be perfect polishes if you're into the lolita & decora style of fashion. "Ichigo" looks like a purple-red jelly with holographic flakes of pink & purples, "Rose Macaron" looks sweet in pastel pinks and princess lolita palette glitters, and my favorite so far "Pikake" looks like a pink tropical glitter overlay, that is going to be delightful. The other stuff include perfume, cuticle balm, and soap. Both the soap and the cuticle smell so nice....smells like semi-sweet cookies. The perfume "Nucifera", for some reason for me, smells like coconut and tropical flowers....thats where the coconut scent came from. Anyway can't wait to see what Rainbow Honey has in store next month!

Tea Biscuit Soap and Cuticle Balm, Nucifera roll on perfume, and the polishes (L to R: Pikake, Rose Macaron, Ichigo)

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