Gamer's Review - They Breath

Well busy getting ready for the upcoming anime festivals in July....how about a short gaming review about a super short but satisfying game. They Breath is very short indie game from "The Working Parts" based around the odysseys of a frog diving into a forest that is flooded. Despite the cute appearance of the frog something is very wrong underneath the waves as sickly, brown creatures fight with you for the one precious resource in this watery world...oxygen. That's not your only problem, for as you dive deeper into the dark waters, something very sinister awaits you at the bottom. Controls are simple, how to survive in this watery world is left up to the player to find out on their own, and things get progressively creeper as the deeper you go, the darker and stranger the world gets. Its a very short ride but this is one of the creepiest games I ever played.

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