A Night With Cirque - Cirque Du Soleil's Totem

Last night was a magical night cause it was a night with Cirque Du Soleil's Totem.

Now of course, its a night a circus and I'm not really the going into formal wear mood/person when it comes to seeing one of the most creative and lavish circuses in the world...so I don my Hatsune Miku (Snow ver.) vest, put on some blue eye shadow and streaked my bangs with blue hair chalk for something special. Oh yes my manicure from completely Cirque.....all 3 polishes are from China Glaze's Cirque Du Soleil collection.

Well the show itself was very lavish and very tribal, especially First Nations influences in design tones, music and acrobatics....plus alot of splashes of colour and UV colour palettes too. My seat was front just behind the VIP seats. The acts were amazing more traditional and ground to air based in style...juggling (balls and cloth pieces), unicycles, trapeze, gymnastics. My favorite acts were stood out for me the first nations, hoop dancer and unicycle with bowl balancing. That hoop dancer just danced with such energy and very traditional yet sensing somewhat modern in style, plus her costume was very awesome and a sight to behold and examine in detail. The uni cyclists had very lavish outfits too, reminds one of what the fall harvests bring. To make things interesting....the acrobats are on unicycles a few meters tall and balancing bowls...tossing them to each other during the act. There were a few mishaps during this act but at the sametime I suspect they could have done it on purpose to show yes this is real skill at work. The perks of watching live entertainment. I'm impressed with the video projections incorporated into the show's visuals which unfortunately my seat's position could not see effectively, simulating for example water splashes, in turn being in sync with the movements of the acrobats. 

 My one major compliant is not really about the show itself but rather.....people stop CHATTERING during the show it's irritating!!!! Other then that...it was a very magical and unforgettable Cirque night.

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