3 Games, 1 Song - Starlust by Element

What happens if a video game, loving cosplayer of a sky-borg gets her hands on a mp3? She tests it out and fires it through three different musical mp3 powered games (every obstacle is powered by the song). Yep it's that experiment again, the song in question is Starlust by Element, one of my twitter followers. Having no sophisticated sense of music but a strong love for electronic-dance tracks....I can see...umm hear why it's call Starlust and it felt nice ride through the stars yes, that fits in JUST right with the sci-fi/space visuals of the 3 games. On a gaming note, I just love how I'm fighting hard till the last second. Anyway...

Audiosurf (Set on Mono Pro mode) - Now this ride felt very nice in space. Besides alot of grey blocks to avoid, the track literately bounced and ebbed with the melody, even pausing when the song does. The closest of all 3 games to a journey in space. Note in Audiosurf set on Mono...avoid the grey blocks, collect the coloured blocks, and hotter colours = faster tempo.

Beat Hazard Ultra - Everything pulses to the rhythm here, including weapons. Out of all 3 games, this was hardest game to play through mostly due to the fact a giant snake of a boss decided to join the battle and occupy most of the screen while hunting my tiny ship weaving in and out of its coils. In a conclusion, a techno colour flight.

Symphony - Playing through Symphony was not that bad and only a couple of the bigger enemies appeared besides little ships attacking my rear like insects nipping at my ankles. Still the spacey melody combined with Symphony's "tron"-like visuals made an interesting experience.

Check Out Starlust here --> Starlust

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