Pixel Sweets for Artist Alley

Well tge anime festival stints in July are coming around the corner soon so time to get cracking on those artist alley stuff. We'll be having the usual stuff from "Engel Bytes", the buttons, the beaded bracelets, the postcards and the pixels but also new stuff being made...robo-pouches and fans (exclusive for summer). Well here's a preview of the pixels being made...charms for the beaded bracelets and pixel art lollipops. This batch is a little sweet....plus what do these cool for summer fans look like?

The other side of the fans previously posted about.
All of them hand painted with water colours (some splattered on with paint)


Gamer's Review - They Breath

Well busy getting ready for the upcoming anime festivals in July....how about a short gaming review about a super short but satisfying game. They Breath is very short indie game from "The Working Parts" based around the odysseys of a frog diving into a forest that is flooded. Despite the cute appearance of the frog something is very wrong underneath the waves as sickly, brown creatures fight with you for the one precious resource in this watery world...oxygen. That's not your only problem, for as you dive deeper into the dark waters, something very sinister awaits you at the bottom. Controls are simple, how to survive in this watery world is left up to the player to find out on their own, and things get progressively creeper as the deeper you go, the darker and stranger the world gets. Its a very short ride but this is one of the creepiest games I ever played.


Rainbow Mystery Mini Bag - June

Other then a shade of pinks and purples plus the package smells like coconut and cookies, this month's Rainbow Honey Mystery Mini does look like an awesome mix and seems to be perfect polishes if you're into the lolita & decora style of fashion. "Ichigo" looks like a purple-red jelly with holographic flakes of pink & purples, "Rose Macaron" looks sweet in pastel pinks and princess lolita palette glitters, and my favorite so far "Pikake" looks like a pink tropical glitter overlay, that is going to be delightful. The other stuff include perfume, cuticle balm, and soap. Both the soap and the cuticle smell so nice....smells like semi-sweet cookies. The perfume "Nucifera", for some reason for me, smells like coconut and tropical flowers....thats where the coconut scent came from. Anyway can't wait to see what Rainbow Honey has in store next month!

Tea Biscuit Soap and Cuticle Balm, Nucifera roll on perfume, and the polishes (L to R: Pikake, Rose Macaron, Ichigo)

Water Colour Fans in Summer Artist Alley

Got inspired from last year's SFU summer festival to sell hand painted fans after cosplayers being baked in the heat kept trying to buy the fan I was using to keep myself cool.....so keep cool with these fans. Hand painted with unique water colour, abstract motifs like the buttons. Comes in 4 flavors: winter, summer, autumn, and spring and double sided.


3 Games, 1 Song - Starlust by Element

What happens if a video game, loving cosplayer of a sky-borg gets her hands on a mp3? She tests it out and fires it through three different musical mp3 powered games (every obstacle is powered by the song). Yep it's that experiment again, the song in question is Starlust by Element, one of my twitter followers. Having no sophisticated sense of music but a strong love for electronic-dance tracks....I can see...umm hear why it's call Starlust and it felt nice ride through the stars yes, that fits in JUST right with the sci-fi/space visuals of the 3 games. On a gaming note, I just love how I'm fighting hard till the last second. Anyway...

Audiosurf (Set on Mono Pro mode) - Now this ride felt very nice in space. Besides alot of grey blocks to avoid, the track literately bounced and ebbed with the melody, even pausing when the song does. The closest of all 3 games to a journey in space. Note in Audiosurf set on Mono...avoid the grey blocks, collect the coloured blocks, and hotter colours = faster tempo.

Beat Hazard Ultra - Everything pulses to the rhythm here, including weapons. Out of all 3 games, this was hardest game to play through mostly due to the fact a giant snake of a boss decided to join the battle and occupy most of the screen while hunting my tiny ship weaving in and out of its coils. In a conclusion, a techno colour flight.

Symphony - Playing through Symphony was not that bad and only a couple of the bigger enemies appeared besides little ships attacking my rear like insects nipping at my ankles. Still the spacey melody combined with Symphony's "tron"-like visuals made an interesting experience.

Check Out Starlust here --> Starlust


A Night With Cirque - Cirque Du Soleil's Totem

Last night was a magical night cause it was a night with Cirque Du Soleil's Totem.

Now of course, its a night a circus and I'm not really the going into formal wear mood/person when it comes to seeing one of the most creative and lavish circuses in the world...so I don my Hatsune Miku (Snow ver.) vest, put on some blue eye shadow and streaked my bangs with blue hair chalk for something special. Oh yes my manicure from completely Cirque.....all 3 polishes are from China Glaze's Cirque Du Soleil collection.

Well the show itself was very lavish and very tribal, especially First Nations influences in design tones, music and acrobatics....plus alot of splashes of colour and UV colour palettes too. My seat was front just behind the VIP seats. The acts were amazing more traditional and ground to air based in style...juggling (balls and cloth pieces), unicycles, trapeze, gymnastics. My favorite acts were stood out for me the first nations, hoop dancer and unicycle with bowl balancing. That hoop dancer just danced with such energy and very traditional yet sensing somewhat modern in style, plus her costume was very awesome and a sight to behold and examine in detail. The uni cyclists had very lavish outfits too, reminds one of what the fall harvests bring. To make things interesting....the acrobats are on unicycles a few meters tall and balancing bowls...tossing them to each other during the act. There were a few mishaps during this act but at the sametime I suspect they could have done it on purpose to show yes this is real skill at work. The perks of watching live entertainment. I'm impressed with the video projections incorporated into the show's visuals which unfortunately my seat's position could not see effectively, simulating for example water splashes, in turn being in sync with the movements of the acrobats. 

 My one major compliant is not really about the show itself but rather.....people stop CHATTERING during the show it's irritating!!!! Other then that...it was a very magical and unforgettable Cirque night.