Summer Artist Alley Buttons

Well the buttons for Artist Alleys in July have arrived and after a request from Tsukino Con, we do have the Princesses from My Little Pony, Celestia, Luna And Cadance as the new designs joining the rooster. Although out of focus (camera didn't behave) I had just one personal made of Engel Byte's mascot..the Byte Engel.

Engel Byte Facebook Page (Go here for my Artist (Alley) updates) --> HERE

If you're wondering....I design all my own button designs painting and inking first on water colour suited paper, then scanned into a computer then made into buttons. Since my volume is small I ask another artist to do the actual buttoning. 

This is her, she's great especially if you just want a few buttons made for artist alley, and super nice to deal with. Here --> Marimo Buttons

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