Nightcore Experiments

Even though I have been a long-time fan of electronic/dance music from Europe for over a decade...I feel I have no talent or sensitivity to actual music/sound production principles at ALL. However, I love nightcoring music, tempering, and increasing the hyper factor for fun..so. For me dance tracks work the best when nightcoring. Purely for fun, I do not own the original songs, I just nightcored it. Enjoy my first experiments and sorry for any eardrums bursting. I used Audacity to nightcore. If the Martians are reading this...thank you again greatly for the mp3 gifts and sorry for wrecking your songs, making them faster and hyper.

Nightcore - Proxy (Original Mix) by Martin Garrix 

Nightcore - Insane (In Da Brain) by Djs From Mars

Nightcore - Rock'n Roll by Djs From Mars

Nightcore - Calvin Harris vs Lykke Li - Drinking from the Fellow (Djs from Mars Mashup)

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