Gamer's Review - Melody's Escape (First Impressions)

Well a new musical, mp3 based game in the steam library..Melody's Escape. My first impressions would be, its hard for me to do pull because the game is not compatible with my gamepad and the timing on my keyboard is off..plus keyboard finger jam..actually the lack of proper equipment made things hell but still manage to have some fun with Melody and appreciate its good points. Still trying to figure out my gamepad problem.

What attracted me to this game besides the prospect of having another musical mp3 powered game in the library, Melody herself and the simple yet stylized graphics did look inviting, and fitting for a musical. Gameplay involves you guiding Melody, platforming style along a track formed by your music, pushing buttons in time to avoid obstacles. The platforming aspect feels new and for me atleast, a much harder musical gaming experience in comparison to the other music games. What impressed the most was the musical track formation is really accurate, and does follow the rhythm of the song....for example playing fast, upbeat songs will make things harder.

Despite the control and timing problems I'm trying to sort out (its my keyboard not the game's faunlt so far), I'm finding this to be a fun addition to musical mp3 powered library. PS if the Djs are reading DO NOT KILL me for using "Open Sesame" as a test run.

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