Gamer's Review - Melody's Escape (First Impressions)

Well a new musical, mp3 based game in the steam library..Melody's Escape. My first impressions would be, its hard for me to do pull because the game is not compatible with my gamepad and the timing on my keyboard is off..plus keyboard finger jam..actually the lack of proper equipment made things hell but still manage to have some fun with Melody and appreciate its good points. Still trying to figure out my gamepad problem.

What attracted me to this game besides the prospect of having another musical mp3 powered game in the library, Melody herself and the simple yet stylized graphics did look inviting, and fitting for a musical. Gameplay involves you guiding Melody, platforming style along a track formed by your music, pushing buttons in time to avoid obstacles. The platforming aspect feels new and for me atleast, a much harder musical gaming experience in comparison to the other music games. What impressed the most was the musical track formation is really accurate, and does follow the rhythm of the song....for example playing fast, upbeat songs will make things harder.

Despite the control and timing problems I'm trying to sort out (its my keyboard not the game's faunlt so far), I'm finding this to be a fun addition to musical mp3 powered library. PS if the Djs are reading DO NOT KILL me for using "Open Sesame" as a test run.


Gamer's Review - Revenge of the Titans

Its been a while since I did a Gamer's Review and I did not know this was in a previous humble indie bundle years back until now. It's Revenge of the Titans from Puppy Games. Its very much a tower defense type of game and its you versus hordes of rampaging titans from another planet on a dystopian earth. All the levels involve you defending the last outpost in a real world city with an army of robotic turrets, which can be researched and upgraded. To make things harder...the titans rush in on all sides and get stronger with each passing level.

On the art style front, its very much paying tribute to retro gaming as everything is 8-bit sprites and with matching sound effects, 8-bit classical music, and humans speaking in bloops and bleeps. So far I didn't expect this game to be so fun!


Rainbow Honey May Mini Mystery Bag

As you know from my previous entries, Rainbow Honey is my favorite nail polish co., awesome cosplay manicure choice, and I exclusively (or dominantly) try to wear indie polishes at dances and clubs for indie appeal and to give the little guys a chance. Anyway, Rainbow Honey just started their offering their monthly mystery bags as a subscription service and wow this is a very funky selection we got here...I love the fact its tiny yet cool.

Check out Rainbow Honey here --> Rainbow Honey

3 polishes (L to R: Petit Four, Neon Blossom, Waves), Lemonaid scented Lip balm,
Summer Juice perfume and soap, and misc nail tools.
Ooooo I love this mystery pack so far, and very funky and unique shades for the dance floor and club big time! "Petit Fours" really does look like a sweet petit four cake, and "Neon Blossom" is glitter of well...an electrical, floral explosion of colour literally!!!. Oh I hope both shades are UV-Reactive in someway cause, if they glow they will good under black light at clubs. "Waves" reminds me of the little mermaid. I love the "Summer Juice" scent and glad to have it in soap and perfume form. Good job Rainbow Honey.


Summer Artist Alley Buttons

Well the buttons for Artist Alleys in July have arrived and after a request from Tsukino Con, we do have the Princesses from My Little Pony, Celestia, Luna And Cadance as the new designs joining the rooster. Although out of focus (camera didn't behave) I had just one personal made of Engel Byte's mascot..the Byte Engel.

Engel Byte Facebook Page (Go here for my Artist (Alley) updates) --> HERE

If you're wondering....I design all my own button designs painting and inking first on water colour suited paper, then scanned into a computer then made into buttons. Since my volume is small I ask another artist to do the actual buttoning. 

This is her, she's great especially if you just want a few buttons made for artist alley, and super nice to deal with. Here --> Marimo Buttons


Little Bot Pouches for Artist Alley

Well it took some proto-type but we got some nice and cute look Little-Bot series pouches for the Artist's Alleys in. These pouches are closed with a single snap closure and lined too with my signature in the corner. Made from fabric scraps of previous cosplay projects. Debating on how to price them.


Taiko no Pixels

Making stuff for the upcoming anime festivals: Mini Comi and the SFU Summer Festival.....this round it's going to perler beads based on the musical gaming series, Taiko No Tatsujin plus an Oshawott due to popular demand.


Nightcore Experiments

Even though I have been a long-time fan of electronic/dance music from Europe for over a decade...I feel I have no talent or sensitivity to actual music/sound production principles at ALL. However, I love nightcoring music, tempering, and increasing the hyper factor for fun..so. For me dance tracks work the best when nightcoring. Purely for fun, I do not own the original songs, I just nightcored it. Enjoy my first experiments and sorry for any eardrums bursting. I used Audacity to nightcore. If the Martians are reading this...thank you again greatly for the mp3 gifts and sorry for wrecking your songs, making them faster and hyper.

Nightcore - Proxy (Original Mix) by Martin Garrix 

Nightcore - Insane (In Da Brain) by Djs From Mars

Nightcore - Rock'n Roll by Djs From Mars

Nightcore - Calvin Harris vs Lykke Li - Drinking from the Fellow (Djs from Mars Mashup)