Behind the Poke-Nickname.

Pokemon trainers sometimes love to nickname their beloved Pokemon and I am no exception...my much loved, 8 year old Gardevoir and Kyogre are named Ingrid and Sassy respectively....if I knew Sassy was going to be stuck with that name permanently for 8 years and through out how many regions, I would have changed it before hand. The entire Torchic clan all have Italian names due to the first Torchic having an Italian nickname (I am keen Italian dance music fan)....here are the other examples.

Named after the German Dj Zedd because well Zygrade is the "Z" pokemon, and the real Zedd is a gamer.
Not implying Zedd is a giant monster that going to take over the world but
the world domination part MIGHT be accurate.

Name her after Martin Garrix but changed "Martin" to "Marta". Not saying Garrix is a frog, but adaptable ninjas and an danimal is accurate.

She-Wolf is named after the David Guetta song, and seems like the perfect name for a female sword.

Named after the Italian-Martian Dj Duo and my penpals, Djs from Mars, and name approved by the Martians themselves.

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