1 Song, 3 Games = Proxy (Original Mix) by Martin Garrix

Well in the continuing experiment of how does one song look like when being played through three different mp3 power musical games....Next up for the task.....Martin Garrix's Proxy (Original Mix). First I like to thank Martin for giving the mp3 away as a gift for everyone online. It's the same three games being played: Audio Surf, Beat Hazard Ultra, and Symphony. In Audiosurf and Symphony...the faster the tempo, the hotter the colours. In comparison to the first experiment (Click Here), the game pace wildly varied from game to game even though I played it on "Normal" difficulty across all 3 games. Audiosurf was easiest to play through; a slower then normal pace actually, Beat Hazard was slightly harder; with two bosses appearing and Symphony was the hardest in terms it got "oh my goodness!" and frantic in action.

Song: Proxy (Original Mix) by Martin Garrix

Audio Surf

Beat Hazard Ultra


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