1 Song, 3 Games = Nirvana vs David Guetta vs Martin Garrix - Work Hard Like a Teen Animal (Djs from Mars Club Mashup)

Today on the "1 Song, 3 Games" challenge...we have a mashup from Djs From Mars....Nirvana vs David Guetta vs Martin Garrix - Work Hard Like a Teen Animal. Try saying that backwards! I would like to thank the Djs from Mars for the mp3 and for making this blog entry title very long...I am not going to kill you two for any hell this mashup may have caused during game play. If you have not read the previous entries on this challenge, the games being played are Audio Surf, Beat Hazard Ultra, and Symphony.

First, this is how the Mashup sounds like....weird yet interesting combo isn't it?

Audio Surf (On Mono Pro) - Tempo/Speed was not hell to play through. Enjoyable, melodic ride actually except when the distorted Guetta-Nirvana parts joins in, then it gets tricky. Careful, this track has alot of grey blocks to avoid! Beware the grey blocks.

Beat Hazard Ultra (Normal on Standard Mode) - In a nutcase, just about any mashup I played on Beat Hazard by these aliens tend to be heck in someway. Lets say 3 bosses showed one after the other, one techno colour hell of a flight/fight and extremely hard to not crash while taking screen shots.

Symphony - (on Mezzo Piano) - Average stress levels to play through, except from the fact it kept changing tempos suddenly, ships kept attacking my behind and alot of colourful confetti explosions. Fun to play through especially when Animal takes over, calming the field into a nice shade of blue.

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