The Con Report - Tsukino Con 2014

Hey it's the sky-ward, flying Cyborg Engel Dreizehn (Zehnny for short) here and fresh from Victoria's Tsukino Con. Well other this would be the first time I have done an Artist Alley stint outside of Vancouver...this year's Tsukino Con was incredible and amazing. I was alternating between my Talonflame clubbing cosplay and my Princess Anna cosplay.

Being an artist in Artist Alley can be the most daunting, exhausting yet rewarding stints in the world which is basically how my time at Tsukino Con went. First I would like to apologize to anyone having to deal with a grumpy and exhausted me during the last hours of the con especially on the Saturday 10am to 8pm long haul. The only things I am complaining about the con is the difficulty of getting hot water without leaving my table (thanks to the guy was able to get it for me on Friday^_^), bottle necking near my table; my table was near the entrance, and the pre-con dance could have been a little better....although it's not fair on my part to compare since I have been to real EDM clubbing parties with the top djs in the world. The laser hula hoop dancer however greatly impressed me though, she would fit right in at a clubbing party anywhere and give them a run for their money.

Anyway, the one thing I noticed about this con was the level of awesome and nice cosplayers abound. Met Ross the Skrillex cosplayer and wanted to take his picture to share with my DJ penpals. He really does look like Skrillex, even had the same hairstyle and mini-boom blasting on 11. Anyway found out he is a budding dj, and made him very happy when I told him, my DJ penpals are the Djs From Mars, the hottest djs of the EDM/Dance scene. Oh I was more then happy give it a shot and help by emailing the Djs about Ross and gave Ross the dj's email address. See what happens, you never know what happens.

 On Valentine day itself some people were handing out random valentines day candies and cards.....oh that's going to look great in my con scrap book. I even made my first Kandi trade...it was a little awkward for me cause its the first time and I very uncomfortable with touch (with the exception of long time/ trusted friends). How awesome is that...aww wish I could remember the nice girl's name. My memory got scrambled during the con.
The traded Kandi (on the left) and the Kandi I made for trading (on the right). So pretty and cute.

Welcome to my Artist Alley home..."Engel Bytes", Party with the Anime+Gaming touch. Decided to reorganize my artist alley efforts and add in my unique touches like in particular, drawing upon my long time liking for dance music and my experiences attending the clubbing parties of my EDM DJ penpals. I had perler pixels on my table, stickers, water colour paint buttons and beaded bracelets...it looked like a rave put on by cosplayers upchucked on my table. I love it and it looked unique in artist alley!! PS for the how many dozenth time my ponies are NOT for sale.

If you want to give me a hand with "Engel Bytes", please like the facebook page here please.

Anyway it was an amazing journey all the way down to the extremely rough ferry ride through a wind storm when coming back to Vancouver. I was happy to ride the ferry part way as Princess Anna. Anyway I am predicting my next artisan stint will be in the summer anyway here are the pics I manged to take....I was more concerned with my artist alley duties and that can be exhausting experience...also my camera tends to go haywire in that building's lighting.

Italy from APH, I assume.

Slice of Life



The Tardis

Awesome looking Snow White

Gender Bender Kristoff

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