Birth-Day Joys

Well other then it's my Birthday today...the buttons I ordered for Tsukino Con came in today. Yep it's hearts and ponies at my table.

In addition, the birthday present I order myself arrived from Etsy. A matching Vinyl Scratch aka Dj Pon3 lip balm and solid perfume and Rainbow Dash Lip Balm from Starrydance's Etsy Store --> Store Here Oh they smell so nice, if you didnt pick up on my Dj love Vinyl Scratch is my favorite pony...The Vinyl Scratch set smell like sugary candy and is going to be perfect when I go clubbing again for Tsukino Con. The Rainbow Dash Lip Balm smells like fizzy pop! Plus I think the artist picked on the fact I love Dj Pon3 so a big Vinyl Scratch Button was included and all packaged in a cute well package....I did not inform her the order was my Birthday present and I love the care to detail.


Pixels for Victoria's Valentine

My perler beads came so....time to start making those perler beads. I ordered Valentine colours due to the fact Tsukino Con is Valentine Day weekend..first day of the con is the 14th. So made lovely coloured pixel pieces....hence why there is a pink creeper, heart container, and Oshawott. I love how the speckled colour motif turned out on the creepers and the Heart Container. See wait you like here in prep for Tsukino Con.


Gamer's Review - Monster Loves You!

Whoa! Been Busy and haven't posted another in a while, so how about a visual novel like game on steam shell we?

In "Monster Loves You!", you play a monster guiding it from swamp vat birth to adulthood (and maybe beyond) and encountering adventures along the way. The gameplay is very straight forward casual gaming/ visual novel style and one play session is short but has multiple endings. Like any visual novel most of the time you just reading text while choosing from a Your monster has 5 different attributes (ex Honesty, Bravery...) which are effected by the choices you take during the adventures,. In turn the attributes determines further choices which can be taken and the type of ending you'll received.

Like any visual novel game, the images are mostly static cartoony with hand drawn touches but your monster gains a random appearance each time, which I preferred would be influenced by the monster's attributes instead of being random by the looks of it. However the humor is a nice touch....after all you are a monster and you must decide to eat that little kiddies or not. For a short session of blowing off steam, it is a a fun game.