Gamer's Review - Skull Girls (first dive)

How is everyone after this Christmas season? Well on the chopping block we have my new present to play with...Skull Girls. I have been waiting a long time to play this game. I also made a very important discovery  when I first touched this game....I REallllYY not experienced with the game play and controls of conventional fighting games as outlined in the fact I am having extreme trouble pulling off a specific special attack on command in a tutorial and in normal battle I'm firing out special attacks randomly and at random intervals. Ja I cannot do a block buster for my life currently...that's how inexperienced I am with fighting games and I do not blame the controls.

Other then me playing and getting used to the game play mechanics to the point I don't have enough info to write anything accurate about game play other we do other multiple game play modes like story and arcade mode. The actual world of Skull Girls is very rich art wise. Beautiful backgrounds and cartoonist/anime cast members. The atmosphere is what I like to call set in a fantasy style setting of the Golden Age of Hollywood where glitz and glamour ruled and strings are being pulled behind the scenes. Perfect setting for a fighting game isn't it? Fights take place as if a movie is being filmed with the "director" yelling CUT! and the theme is furthered on carried in the cast....for example, the fighter I have chosen and have endeared to as my personal choice is Peacock. A crazed cyborg hazard of a girl who is styled after 1920-40's black and white cartoons complete with an arsenal of cartoon weaponry, which sets my cartoon heart a flutter...now how to pull out a walking bomb on command.

Despite the from scratch learning curve I'm having right now....I just having fun with it as long as I don't have to do a special attack on command. I mean it's fun to watch Peacock and her cartoon cronies duke it out. Yes let how much and how fast I gonna to learn how to play this game.

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