Gamer's Review - Rush Brothers

Pounding clubbing music and acid colour graphics with a race to death...must be Rush Brothers. First thing first this is a very visually stunning game with a matching soundtrack but the controls and levels are taking some getting used especially when I somewhat unskilled with platformers.

Using the controller helped the gameplays controls greatly...especially when I customized the control scheme. I have slightly mixed feelings about the level designs....I honestly was enjoying being an acrobat, wall climbing around obstacles and doing controlled free falls, and leaps to avoid spikes along to the music. I did notice the obstacles bopped in time with the music somewhat. However at the same time there were many obstacles that left with thinking "what the flickers!?!?!". I had to restart one level after a screw up. I was expecting a more concrete story mode (or I haven't found it yet) involving the two djing brothers and the mysteriously Monitor.

The strongest point of this game and the reason why I got it in the Steam Holiday sale is the entire visual look and the soundtrack. It just makes my EDM heart all a flutter with joy...the colours, awesome it fits in with any club setting and great work on the background details....very sci-fi, futuristic, and alien. Well the screenshots can explain it better then words. The soundtrack....awesome its sure to rock any club and set it on fire!!! Just awesome...my favorites so being "One Love", "Haven", and "I Am Fire" (<--PERSONAL favorite). I was also impressed that Infected Mushroom is on the soundtrack list.<-- On DJ Mag's Top 100 Dj's list.

I would suggest this game (highly advise on sale) if you're going it together with a friend so you both "what the flickers!" with controls and just have fun...or just get it to purely enjoy that stunning artworks and music like me. I would cosplay as one of the Rush Brothers as a dance floor/clubbing cosplay just based on the visual and musical set up.

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