Gamer's Review - Beat Buddy: Tales of the Guardians

Well the first thing I can say about Beat Buddy is I was attracted to this game because of its soundtrack but now I can sau, in addition also the very rich and beautiful art work. So far the controls are very platforming in style with the exception you're floating underwater.

In the aquatic world of Beat Buddy music and beats is the very life  force and blood of everything. However someone is disrupting that musical harmony and that's where Beat Buddy comes in. Each chapter/level is powered by a song and everything from the obstacles, strange plant life and wildlife pulse to the rhythm and beats...Aquatic, sealife drums bounce Beat Buddy everywhere while crabs will stab everything that gets close to them. Very rich and hand drawn style backgrounds and environment all around although Beat Buddy himself seems to be CGI in composition. The soundtrack alone is where this game shines. SO far very heavy musical notes of Electro Swing, which is in a nutshell sounds like old time swing with touches of some very modern influences. The artists and songs on this soundtrack so far are Parov Stelar's "Beatbuddy Swing" and Sabrepulse's "Love Swing". Just for the music and art alone I would suggest this game but I sense this could be a short ride considering there are 6 worlds to explore and I'm on the 2nd one already. Still it's a small gem of a game.

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