Movied Review - Frozen

Just got back from the release day showing Disney's Frozen and there is only thing left to do now....review it.

First of all I couldn't resist the opportunity to go to a movie on release in cosplay so I went in my Princess Anna dress with my Anna doll in hand. The kids in particular did notice especially AFTER the movie that thee is something familiar about my dress....one person much to my joy in the bathroom recognized it instantly as the dress Princess Anna wears. After seeing to this movie and Anna moving in that dress...HOW DOES SHE EVEN move in that dress in snowy/icy terrain?

Now as the for the story line...it's a simple story loosely based on the original Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, classic Disney style but with a few twists to the formula which I won't spoil other then true love does save the day but it's not the romantic kind and even though an apparently villain is present right from the beginning, it is not the main villain. The main theme of the movie is the sisterly bond between Elsa and Anna, which was very warm and tender at first but becomes frozen and shattered by an accident involving Elsa's ice powers and Elsa shutting herself away from anyone as a result, to prevent herself from hurting anyone.

Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad) the summer loving snowman just steals the show with his lines, humor and lovable personality..."I'm just been impaled."..."Hello!" *AHHHH*, and of course Olaf singing his admiration for all things summery and warm. If you're watching this movie expect alot of musical number which is Disney style but really decent. Anna is the fun, loving little sister who is a romantic and very positive thinking but is a fierce adventurer with a strong bond with her older sister. Reasons why I picked her as my cosplay during Halloween and for the upcoming Tsukino Con. Elsa is almost the exact opposite, she is cold yet warm because even though she is fiercely shutting her self from the world around her is she is terrified of hurting anyone. In addition she has the knowledge to rule her kingdom with wise decisions yet when she is talking with Anna about Hans.

The visuals is where this movie shines the most. The strong feel of Norway in the visual look of the kingdom of Arendelle and Disney has really outdone itself in terms of visuals effects with snow and ice, which was gorgeous to see in 3-D. The thick, powdery blizzards, the rainbow ice crystals of the ice palace and the threat of icicles growing and enveloping everything it touches. It's interesting to note that most of the ice and snow is connected to Elsa's moods....beautiful and gentle shapes when she's happy and unfriendly and fierce spike forms when she is angry and scared.

In conclusion, Disney has made a simple but classic animated film which surprisingly has tones of nostalgia from the older "Princess" films but with a few modern twists to the formula. Next time we'll be reviewing the animated short that shown with Frozen..."Get a Horse"

Here's the trailer from Disney Animation...

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