Halloween at Exp Bar

When you're a gamer and cosplayer and want to eat out with friends on Halloween night...what better place to hang out then Exp Bar restaurant here in Vancouver. Exp Bar is heavenly hangup/restaurant for gamers in Vancouver and favorite to unwind after a Convention, Work or Pokemon tournament. Tonight was their Halloween festivities....the restaurant was done up in Halloween decor (Pumpkins!) and the servers were all dressed up.

First of all this was my costume....I was dressed as Princess Anna from the upcoming Disney movie "Frozen". Since I was the new unreleased Disney Princess....I was a disadvantage when it comes to "hey you're..." That didn't bother me AT ALL. Anna is cute and has a very beautiful dress, took 20-30 hours to make and I look amazing.

I have to Anna doll to pose with.

Two of the OPI's Minnie Mouse Collection polishes were used in this Disney Princess Manicure
Man Exp Bar was so busy/crowded that me and friend took up an idea offered and shared a big table with 3 other guys (can't beat a well behaved musketeer, Freddy Krueger claws and such with accents as table mates) and well competition for the costume contest was tough....to put it in a nut shell the top 3 costumes were armored, took months to make and well they were AWESOME. Food was yummy, I had the Macaroni Burger (not kidding) with a side of veggies (watching my health) and a very yummy seasonal cocktail. My favorite cocktail so far on their menu...the Heart of Ice. A Blue Alize-Vodka cocktail with a minty aftertaste served with a crown of ice. I don't drink that much...seriously!

Love these gaming pumpkin decor.

The Heart of Ice. Only available in the Winter time.

The Glowing Drink a table mate ordered. Forgot if it was alcoholic or not.

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