Gamer's Review - Mystery Case Files: Fate's Carnival (first impressions)

Well it's pleasant time to return to Fate's Carnival in this newest installment in the Mystery Case Files series. So far the big departure or rather return is the art style is hand drawn of the original Madame Fate (so far abandoning the live action hybrid) but with added cinematic animation and CGI effects of the newer generation games. I was surprised the carnies you find look almost exactly the same as they appear in the original Madame Fate.

If any of you played the very old Madame Fate, at the end Madame Fate and the 12 carnies in his carnival all met an untimely fate at midnight however as it turns out they are not dead but rather trapped in a moment of time just before they are doomed in sort of an undead state and when you find them...disappearing into time until you the Detective is called to the site of the old carnival when it (the carnival) suddenly appears. In addition a sinister force is following you as a crow seems to be stalking you, as you unravel the mystery of the curse and rescue the carnies.

The basic formula has not changed much in comparison to the previous MCF games as we have the point click style of exploring and hidden object scenes popping up. Only this time we have the help of a black Egyptian cat named Isis to help you reach objects from hard to reach places. The gameplay also marks the return of the door puzzles where you have a scene and the point is the experiment with the moving objects to figure out how to solve the puzzle and unlock the door.

So far I find it interesting and joyful to return to a very old MCF scenario and continue the story of Madame's Fate carnival, seeing familiar sights and figures.

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