Djs from Mars at Volume Club in Seattle

Since the night, I saw Djs from Mars in Vancouver for their gig in June, me and the Martians have been keeping in touch with each other since then. So when, I wanted a short mini-vacation I decided to travel all the way down to Seattle to see them perform live again.

First of all being a cosplayer, artist at heart and playful by nature, I decided to try design a cosplay outfit that made for the dance floor whether its at an anime convention or club. It was very interesting to try to blend and balance Cosplay visual form and clubbing style fashions into one unique cosplay. The hardest part in making the cosplay was brainstorming who was going to be the cosplay. A lot of ideas were bounced around including My Little Pony, Beatmania IIDX until finally Kalos region Pokemons was choosen....and after further brain storming Talonflame, the flaming bird and my current team leader Pokemon was chosen as the Cosplay. It was a fun task to make the outfit including a fire and air themed manicure that was completely Rainbow Honey for colour and indie appeal.

This is how it turned out...

Super form fitting, 5-10 hours to make and very tricky to make it fit me perfectly.
The details were hand painted on with fabric paints, while I designed the Talonflame inspired motifs.
A unique property which I only found out at the club was...the fabric was UV-Light sensitive.
Anything white on my outfit glowed bright blue, while the motifs remained dark. It was amazing to see.
 The Manicure (it's a little dark to see)
All of these polishes are from Rainbow Honey
Blue Pokeball: Skybot, Kawako, Spirit of Wonder, Mt Moon (Glitter Overlay)
Rest: Hoof Wrestle, Magic Cake (UV Light Sensitive)

All of these polishes are from Rainbow Honey
Orange Pokeball: Hoof Wrestle, Kawako, Spirit of Wonder, Frozen Flame (Glitter Overlay)
Rest: Skybot, Magic Cake (UV Light Sensitive)

 It was a blast and fun times! EDM Wednesdays at Volume Club, Seattle! Amusing time at ID check when the staff were at first confused by my Canadian-BC photo ID. Despite the fact I had to act (like a fierce Talonflame) and take certain precautions like minimizing and not interacting with other people (no offense to anyone, I had to protect myself), and carrying Momiji my rabbit shaped backpack (the cute distraction!) along to protect myself. I wasn't taking ANY chances considering I was flying solo from out of country at night. Oh I was very much focused on my Martian contact mission. Beforehand me and the djs agreed upon a signal where I would waved a hand held Italian flag (which I doodled Talonflame's head and our names on) to signal my position during the show. Thankfully I was quick to claim a spot at the front near the dj booth and sardine canned into it after.

Oh man I love high energy style of the opening acts...sorry can't remember your names but if I wasn't saving my energy I would have jump styled it but that remix of Avicii's "Wake me up" got me so pumped I couldn't help but dance abit. Then the Djs from Mars come in thier box headed glory and switch places with the last opening dj! I quickly wave the flag to signal and to my joy Happy Box recognized the signal and pointed to me and then tapped Angry Box on the shoulder to show him my signal. Oh the set was awesome, the djs interacted with the audience every so often with Happy Box walking out and greeting the audience up-close and high-energy mash-ups hits. Everyone included me just jumped and dance...well it was flag waving for me since that was the only body part of my I could move expressively, and looking at the pictured playback...thats the only way you could spot me. Bringing that flag was a good idea.

One of the open act djs...he's good.

Here are the aliens.

Now I was minding my own business watching the stage and listening to the music, when suddenly a guy from the stage comes to invites me to come on stage with the djs!!!! I did not expect that to happen (no patron was allowed on stage) but I very much assume it was the aliens who summoned me to stage....oh my I was so happy and at the same time stunned that I flame charged up the stage in a rush. I was lead to the dj booth and the djs warmly welcomed and greeted me to their humble home. Angry Box gave me a big, warm hug when I greeted him. Oh this was incredible awesome yet surreal time at the dj booth. As my fellow cosplayer from Alberta, GamerGirrl would say "Moments like (this) are hard to express." Two Martians and One Talonflame on stage together = 3 cartoon persona synergy.

 Happy Boxhead was more intent on cheering the crowd on and the dj task at hand. While Angry Box was intent also with the dj task but was kind of like a "baby sitter" abit with me, interacting more with me and Momiji at the dj booth.

 As long as I don't interfere and touch anything...I was allowed to observe intently and with keen interest the aliens at work and their box heads (that's a secret). Wow this is some technical turntable set up we have here...digital CD turntables, alot of wires and cables plus some other equipment which didn't look familiar to me...alien actually. In addition I also helped out my alien hosts cheer the crowd on, especially when Happy Box unplugged his headset to go greet the audience up close leaving me fill in for his "cheer" role with Angry Box at the dj booth. Even though I was very shy on stage, my cosplay cheering skills tapped in and I helped the dj cheer team out with slightly birdish actions (I'm Talonflame) or copycatting whatever the aliens did. As thanks and a momento of me I gave the aliens my signal flag to keep. Happy Box took the flag and waved it in the closing moments...we actually went into overtime slightly as we found out when Happy Box checked his phone.

It my signal flag! I gave it to them as a gift!

The alien hosts and their special guest.

As it all came to a close, I asked them to autograph my cosplay to make it extra special but with meaning and then we said our parting words and thanks as security offered me a ride back to my hotel (Thank you so much!). I will never forget this night of being the special guest of Djs from Mars and looking into the workings of the world of djs for a bit. Grazies Signors called Djs from Mars, time to sign out...Cheers!


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