Animated Review - Get A Horse

Trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible because well...the above clip from Disney Animation may seem  like it's a old vintage cartoon from the black and white days but then it blew my mind in the theater. I wasn't prepared for that other then the short can't be just a small square on screen. "Get a Horse" animated short this currently being shown as the opening act to "Frozen" in theaters and its not what it might seems. All i can hint about this short is you must see this in 3-D to enjoy the mind blowing effects cause its in both 3-D and 2-D!

What I find most interesting other the mind blowing twist which I cannot tell is despite being the newest animated short made, it retains the charm, look, and feel of the old 1920's Mickey Mouse cartoons to the point it won't look out of place in a vintage cartoon archives (until the twist pops out). Even an archival voice recording of Walt Disney himself was used to voice Mickey Mouse. Cartoon physics reign high as outlined when Mickey and Co. used it to their advantage to give hell to Pete and literally flip his top.

I highly suggest watching this short especially in 3-D because it will blow your mind while still staying vintage.

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